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2-Step Guide to Physical Therapy Clinics In Metro Manila

Are you in physical pain restricting your movements and daily activities? Know of anyone fresh out of surgery who needs to restart living normally? Have a loved one who does not know how to start exercising? You NEED a PT! A physical therapist, PT or physiotherapist is a professional who is formally trained to be an expert in movement.

Your healing journey with a PT only takes 2 steps:

Step 1: Get a Doctor's Referral

Most of us wait until we are almost dying before seeing a doctor. Culturally, Filipinos are very enduring and resilient. "Pagtitiis" or patiently enduring pain seems to be a value we take pride in. However, the sooner we address a problem, the faster we can get our smiles back.

A check up usually goes like this: 1) Finding a clinic or hospital accessible to you; 2) Booking an appointment or chancing a walk-in; 3) A lot of unpredictable waiting time; 4) Consultation with a doctor; 5) Prescription to medicines or referral to other services (ex. Xray imaging or physical therapy)

Physiatrists or Rehabilitation Medicine Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors and Sports Medicine Specialists are trained to assess people with movement issues and refer to relevant services such as physical therapy (PT). The goal of PT is to help maintain a person’s level of function, promote physical activity and wellness, and enhance a person’s abilities in their occupation, sports and even leisure activities. We also help manage or avoid pain, improve movement issues to help improve the quality of your life. Movement is the most underprescibed medicine!

Step 2: Find a suitable facility for you

So you got the check-up done, what's next? Assess what kind of environment works best for your personal needs and preferences. You have 4 options.

A. Hospitals

Ideal for post-operative conditions and major injuries, hospital-based PT is one of the safest environments to start moving again. Large hospitals in Metro Manila have various departments like Neurology, Cardiology and Radiology. The Physical Medicine Department is dedicated to treating conditions surrounding movement.


St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Rehabilitation Medicine St. Luke’s Medical Center with locations in Quezon City and Bonifacio Global City has their very own Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. They cater to a wide range of conditions like pediatric, geriatric, neurologic, musculoskeletal and sports-related conditions. On top of physical therapy, they also offer occupation therapy to patients whose goal is to achieve independence, meaning and satisfaction in life engagement in meaningful social activities. Manila Doctor’s Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Manila Doctor’s Hospital located in the heart of Manila, with its Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, offers physical therapy services for patients with neurologic conditions, learning disabilities, work and sports-related injuries, and post-surgical conditions among others. Patients in need of prosthesis and/or orthosis may also proceed here for prescription and fitting. Aside from this, they also have occupational and speech therapy services. Asian Hospital and Medical Center Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine In the southern part of Metro Manila, the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, like Manila Doctor’s Hospital, also offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and orthosis fabrication. In addition to onsite treatment and management, they also serve patients who prefer to avail their rehabilitation services in the comfort of their homes through teletherapy.

B. Specialty Institutes

If you are looking for a more niche setting, specific to heart surgery, vehicular accidents or breathing-related conditions, below are a few of the most well-known facilities in NCR.


Philippine Heart Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Division Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City, which specializes in cardiology, also offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wellness and health promotions, and electrodiagnosis. Aside form cardiac conditions, they also cater to neurologic, musculoskeletal, pediatric and geriatric cases. Philippine Orthopedic Center Physical Therapy Section The Philippine Orthopedic Center also located in Quezon City, specializes in orthopedic and rehabilitation care. They cater to patients in need of management for their orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Philippine Orthopedic Institute Physical Therapy Department Another institute that specializes in orthopedics is the Philippine Orthopedic Institute located in Makati. Their subspecialties include joint replacement, arthroscopic surgeries, orthopedic trauma and infections, bone tumors, and osteoporosis among others. POI’s Physical Therapy Department specializes in various orthopedic and sports-related conditions, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation. Lung Center of the Philippines Rehabilitation Medicine Division The Lung Center of the Philippines provides physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment to pulmonary cases, both in the outpatient and inpatient setting. Aside from this, they also provide treatment to non-pulmonary cases such as neurologic, orthopedic and pain management cases.

C. Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics

Like most people, if you prefer not to go to large hospitals, considering exposure to COVID and other viruses, the outpatient setting is for you.


Prohealth Sports and Spinal Prohealth Sports and Spinal is located in Makati. Their physical therapists are skilled in treating issues like body pain, injuries, and post-surgical recovery. They also offer specialty services like post-COVID rehabilitation, men’s pain, women’s health and pediatrics among others. Corrective Care Physical Therapy Clinic Corrective Care Physical Therapy Clinic, like Prohealth also help address pain, as well as scoliosis, stroke, and frozen shoulder conditions. Almario Physio Team Almario Physio Team, a clinic located in Bonifacio Global City offers services to manage musculoskeletal conditions such as back care and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Aside from this they also offer wellness programs.

D. Homecare Physical Therapy

Did the pandemic switch on your obsessive compulsive, people-avoiding self? Ha! Home is the best place for you!

Most people get referred to homecare physical therapists through networking. With numerous students taking up this degree, chances are you have a neighbor, or a friend of a Tita's cousin who likely took up physical therapy. Ask the neighborhood Maritess and you can surely have someone come over!

Out of luck with finding a PT? Rehab Experts is one of the home PT service providers you can reach out to. They cater to neurologic, orthopedic and sports-related injuries.

To sum it up, getting a doctor's referral is imperative for a thorough assessment of your medical status to ensure that your PT sessions would help you get to where you want to be!

In today's digital age, one click can get you a thousand options! However, choosing the right fit for your care should be carefully considered. Go for someone who can personalize your journey towards being well and whole again.

Want to avoid all the hassle? Kakayanan is here for you! Scheduling a doctors' consultation and finding the best PT for you has never been THIS easy! Our happy patients enjoy seamless transactions, personalized care and guaranteed bang for your buck! Click through to start your healing journey.

Now you can navigate around NCR, but what if you are not based in the capital? We hear you! Our next guide will point you to good PT clinics around Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Stay tuned!

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