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The Right Time To Start Your Fitness Journey

Ever since I went to uni for my program in physical therapy, everyone around me had their fair share of numerous fad fitness plans. The prominent ones were the following: dieting to lose a few pounds with dropping carbs alone, calorie counting lower than the required limit for a day of a young adult, and intermittent fasting, aka missing a meal or two. We were the future of movement experts, but we're still humans that are persuaded of these unhealthy habits from dietitian friends.

They opt for other options, such as going to the gym with colleagues. Or waking up early in the morning to take on a run by the nearby neighborhood running course. I've done it, you can tell. It's one of the best things, actually. Initially, you would see photos of how driven everyone is. It looks fun, and breaking a sweat with a few friends is quite helpful to motivate yourself to continue. But after a week or so, sadly the enthusiasm declines from one of the members, and all else follows.

I have overheard tons of these stories failing over time. As student physios, it's not easier to carry through such when you're building endurance on studying multiple courses whilst being active. This also applies to multiple situations of anyone who's struggling to jumpstart theirs. Like us before, we had factors of how we cannot focus on it because we're not tenacious enough to manage our time from deadlines and surprise coursework.

It all boils down to how you prioritize your tasks, and if it's an imperative one that will determine your future ahead, then it's a worthwhile sacrifice. But, enough of my banter. I have some generally applicable tips that helped me and might help you kick-off!

When It Feels Right.

Still, you might be thinking about whether there is really a right time to indulge in a fitness journey from a busy schedule. It seems impossible, and probably you might be losing hope from what I've told you.

But, honestly, it's not complicated to even doing so. It's apparent that when you start it, how consistent you'll be is the thing you'll be facing when you open the door. Therefore, start it by the time when it feels right. It can be on a Sunday afternoon, and it doesn't have to START ON A MONDAY.

You may see multiple contents from TikTok or any social media websites wherein people might influence you and may misinterpret the word consistency and determination by doing it all day. The truth is, you have to listen to your body firsthand. With the help of a personal trainer or anyone here from Kakayanan, we're able to help you on whether the frequency and duration of the workout days are appropriate for your condition.

Going back, some people see Monday as one of the most important days of the week, but in some cases, others perceive it as the most dreadful. Maybe a midweek practice, or any time you think where your body feels the most genuinely motivated. By that, you're mentally preparing yourself for what's about to come and make the exercise more appealing to do.

If It Fits Your Day-to-Day Activity

I am not gatekeeping the whole thing for those who can manage their time. Yes, I'm talking about the people working from 9 to 5 who cannot squeeze it in for multiple reasons on their list. Therefore, asides from how it feels right, it also has to start from when it's applicable to do without any interruptions.

Some individuals prefer to do it in small incremental manners of 10 to 15 minutes a day, or with a 2-hour window before dinner after work. If you're privileged enough, in the middle of the day while you're working at home. This is where I feel the most comfortable into.

Therefore, it will only depend on where you feel the most at ease concerning your time. After work, you probably want to let out some steam off your head, or before that, when you want to think through how to seize the day.

Why am I telling you this? It's because starting your fitness journey is also a commitment. If you've already had the courage to start, why not invest in it for further? Hence, think long-term by starting one day at a time. If you see to it that you've done your best by the only time you can commit to, it contributes how far you can go with it.

As Long As It Isn't a Requirement

If you find yourself in a situation that calls for working out as part of your routine, it can feel monotonous and boring after doing the same thing all over again. Therefore, with our help or any personal trainer you've come to connect with, it's important to have a variety. Still, some trainers have phases of their programs they implement.

The popular ones are from gaining the momentum and even gaining muscle weight, then shedding it once the peak was reached. I'm rather unfamiliar with it, yet this explains of how it's important to change of what your body might need.

If you're someone like me that does her training at home, which includes formulating your routine by yourself, multiple sources from the web help me to see if I've gotten used to what I'm doing. It's like any other passion, wherein there are times that you need to see it in a different angle.

If you think reaching strength doesn't sustain your fast-paced, walking life, then you can add any cardiovascular exercise to balance it out. It's seen as one of the most effective ways to keep yourself healthy, and strong throughout the years of research. At the end of the day, including it on your daily routine seamlessly is the best determinant that you've finally succeeded with it.

I wish you the best.

From Your Loving Physio,

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